Betoi by Raoul Zamponi

By Raoul Zamponi

Betoi used to be spoken through a humans of an identical identify who situated in a space of the wide quarter of the llanos of the Orinoco, bounded at the south via the Sarare River and at the north via the Uribante. the realm is this present day incorporated within the western extremity of the Apure country of Venezuela no longer faraway from the border of that nation with Colombia. Betoi is a dialect of an extinct language (an isolate) spoken at touch within the similar sector and alongside the within sight Arauca River by way of quite a few different tribes and peoples. The author's goal with this short monograph is to offer for Betoi all of the wisdom that he has been in a position to assemble from all of its surviving fabric. the current paintings for this reason comprises chapters on phonology, morphology, and syntax, in addition to the 2 on hand texts (with morphemic analysis), and a glossary. The introductory bankruptcy bargains with the assets testifying Betoi and the socio- and geolinguistic occasions. during this bankruptcy, it is easy to additionally discover a dialogue on Betoi co-dialects.

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