Be wise as serpents by Fritz Springmeier

By Fritz Springmeier

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With these facts before me I can feel well satisfied to let it go forward. There are several reasons why this book should go before the people, and especially before Masons themselves. Too little is known by my Brother Masons concerning that Order to which they have the honor to belong, but which some of them do not honor and the 1a THIS BOOK WAS WRITTEN ON ORDER OF THE HIGHEST MASONIC AUTHORITY. Clymer, R. Swinburne. Ancient Mystic Oriental Masonry. Philosophical Pub. ,p. 122. 122 ANCIENT MYSTIC clares to be the law of Masonry.

When we went to our Kingdom Halls, Masonic Halls, our churches and synagogues we 1-15 FRAME OF REFERENCE believed we were being given the unadulterated truth. It is difficult to swallow that the same Authority that lied to us in the Kingdom Hall, in the Masonic Hall, in the Churches, and in our synagogues was the very same authority. This book's task is to demonstrate what false authority is behind the One-World-Religion and its New Order. BUT IS THERE ANY CONNECTION BETWEEN GOD & TRUTH? Science thought so.

It is evident that the continued operations of the genuine Secret Societies make it unwise to describe them or identify their members. Humanity has not yet reached a state of collective security in which leadership beyond the political sphere is unnecessary. The need for guidance actually increases with the complexity of mundane affairs. All of sincere heart find consolation in the conviction that powers beyond and above human corruption continue to administer the destiny of the globe. It would be a mistake to confuse this governing body with the various sects which pretend to authority, but give no indications or proof that they can manage efficiently even their own affairs.

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