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Barbarians Led by Bill Gates: Microsoft From The Inside: How by Jennifer Edstrom

By Jennifer Edstrom

Teamed with the daughter of 1 of invoice Gates's closest affiliates, 13- 12 months Microsoft veteran Marlin Eller illuminates each step alongside Gates's path to global domination and to Microsoft's present headline-making federal antitrust case, making all that is been written prior to look like a coarse bet. Revealing the smoke-and- reflect offers, the launching of goods that did not exist, and the boneyard of once-thriving rivals unique via the Gates juggernaut, this ebook demonstrates with frequently hilariously damning aspect the Microsoft clutter that passes for strategic course, offset through Gates's uncanny skill to return from in the back of to weigh down whoever is successful. Edstrom and Eller's unequalled entry to key gamers and their skill to get them to inform the genuine tale makes for a rollicking roller-coaster journey of narrative journalism.

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Fine, Gates said. Simple enough. Change the Windows model to be like the Mac. But if the Windows team changed the model to pull, the ship date would slip another year. Gates simply didn't understand the architectural issues because he had not been in on the development process. " Gates's response was, "You have to be compatible with the Mac. " "Maybe the fall or winter . " "That's ridiculous," Gates said. "We've got to ship. We have to beat out VisiOn. " Not to mention a half million dollar marketing blitz at COMDEX promising it to the world.

Just before the Windows documentation was to be printed, Gates the oracle spoke. Then the developers lined up behind him with their support. So now they had a name, but Hanson and Edstrom still weren't sure whether Microsoft was ready to make an announcement. A technical neophyte, Hanson had no idea what was realistic timing on the product side. In his experience in the food and cosmetics industries, when someone promised a product would be delivered on a particular date, the schedule was simply a function of safety testing.

The two went to a Moroccan restaurant for dinner, and while the belly dancer entertained the other patrons, Gates went through his own very distinctive mating dance. McGregor would later say that one of the things that impressed him most was not Gates's sense of rhythm, but his seemingly insatiable quest for knowledge. McGregor found that if he knew more than Gates on a particular topic, instead of being put off, Chairman Bill would obviously go out and bone up on the subject. The next time McGregor saw his future boss Gates not only remembered verbatim their previous conversation, he proceeded to 26 • BARBARIANS L E D BY BILL GATES dazzle McGregor with his expert knowledge on topics that only a week before had stumped him.

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