Bacon: A Love Story - A Salty Survey of Everybody's Favorite by Heather Lauer

By Heather Lauer

“[A] paean to pork.”

Boston Herald


A love letter to the “best meat ever,” Bacon, by unabashed bacon fanatic Heather Lauer, is a wondrous number of bacon bits—filled with enjoyable evidence, recipes, background, and smoked porcine worship. The Memphis advertisement Appeal says, “If you may make it to the tip of this ebook with no yearning only a style of the savory stuff, then you’re most likely the world’s most powerful vegetarian.” Adoring, enjoyable, and informative—sizzling with Lauer’s infectious ardour for her mouthwatering subject—Bacon is the following smartest thing to bacon wrapped in bacon.

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Sounds like a pretty good life, right, boys? The boars are let loose in the morning, escorted by a note-taker. As the boar strolls by, the sows might show signs such as vocalization, “flirting” with their ears, responding to pressure on their rump, and swollen pig-lady bits. Sounds like your average night at the local pub, right? If a sow has any of these reactions, her number is written down. ”). The next morning, the whole courting process starts all over again. Once the deed is done, the gestation period is 114 days.

It’s sad to even contemplate. We should make a toast to salt and our super-great-grandparents every time we lift a juicy strip of bacon to our lips. Salt curing is one of the oldest forms of food preservation. Before the nineteenth century, refrigeration wasn’t a reliable or affordable way for most people to prevent food spoilage. In our quest to maintain our status at the top of the food chain, humans eventually figured out that salt prevents bacterial growth and allows perishable food to be stored for longer periods of time while minimizing waste.

Unromantic? Sure. But the customer gets what the customer demands. The ultimate goal for today’s hog farmer is to raise an animal that can live, eat feed, and not have disease problems. A lot of diseases can now be dealt with genetically, allowing the use of minimal antibiotics. According to Wesley, “We will give an injection to a pig that is sick, but that pig has to go for a certain amount of time without antibiotics or we won’t be able to sell it. And now most of our vaccines are in the water.

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