Authentic Recipes from Korea: 63 Simple and Delicious by David Clive Price

By David Clive Price

Greater than 60 treasures of Korean cooking are published via easy-to-follow recipes and gorgeous pictures. research from prime Korean cooks tips to create all-time favorites like red meat bulgolgi, bird and ginseng, and highly spiced kimchi, in addition to different scrumptious and easy-to-prepare dishes akin to gujeolpan (nine-sectioned royal platter), bibimbap (steamed rice with greens and purple chili paste), and Korean Thanksgiving rice tarts. including to the reader's amusement are gorgeous position images, distinctive details on materials, and insights into Korean tradition.

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The ceremonial aspect of Korean dining has been greatly influenced by Confucianism and the royal court. There are abundant archives of royal dishes in Korea and some of them can still be experienced in their entirety. For example, Gujeolpan (Royal Spring Roll Platter, see page 36) is served in an octagonal lacquered platter with nine compartments. Delicate pancakes are placed in the center, surrounded by eight other treasures to be carefully wrapped inside the pancakes. Another royal delicacy is Shinseolo (see page 73), which translates as "the food of hermits in fairyland" and which comes in a brass pot with a chimney, rather like a Mongolian hotpot.

Popchu, a high-grade rice wine similar to Japanese sake and usually served hot, is a specialty of Konju, in central Korea. Other alcoholic beverages such as beer has also become increasingly popular in Korea, especially the bottled variety, while draught beer can be found in the many beer halls (tong-dalkjip) specializing in broiled chicken. Koreans never drink without anju. These snacks absorb the alcohol and create a thirst. Favorite anju are soybean curd; raw crab legs marinated in red chili sauce; sliced raw fish; fish roe in garlic sauce; blanched spinach dressed with sesame oil and seeds, dried anchovies sautéed with red chilies; broiled fish sprinkled with sesame seeds; green garlic pickled in soy sauce; sautéed oysters, beef and bean curd patties spiced with ginger; mung bean pancake laced with shrimp; and ground beef patties with garlic and sesame seeds.

Chinese experiments with herbal medicine go back 5,500 years. The earliest medical texts that are known to have survived make ample mention of ginseng, and in medicine, as in many other fields, Korea proved to be China's earliest and best pupil. , and Chinese medical texts have always been widely perused by Korean scholars and healers. By the mid-17th century, the Dutchman Hendrick Hamel described ginseng as a plant indigenous to Korea. Originally found in remote wild mountains in northern Korea, ginseng is now cultivated throughout the peninsula, especially on Kanghwa Island.

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