April Evil by John D. MacDonald

By John D. MacDonald

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You stay in a crummy place, some cop looks you over. " He ran the Buick into the garage. They got out and Harry pulled the overhead door down. They went into the house through the garage, into the kitchen. Sally Leon stood at the stove, stirring something in an aluminum pot. She smiled faintly at the two men as they came into the kitchen. " They nodded at each other. " The Ace seemed to fill the kitchen. He was well over six feet tall and he was broad all the way down, with hardly any suggestion of a waist.

Harry looked at Sally. She kept her eyes down. He shrugged and said, "No harm in telling you. You know, they gave me those consecutive sentences. The way I worked it out, if I could live to be a hundred and sixty-five, I might get out. So the day I went in, I started planning. I kept my head down. If you make no trouble, you get to move around more. "I decided right away I wanted no part of any big crash. That hostage business is no good. It never works out. I had to get out of there all by myself, all alone.

It had been generally conceded in town that Dil and Lennie Parks would inherit the cash. Too bad, but Dil would get his hands on it. Now a new factor had been added. He could understand Lennie's distress, and her greed--but not approve of it. Dil had turned into a big-bellied, hard-drinking loudmouth. It was not a role that suited him with precision. There was something plaintive and uneasy in his eyes, even as he told his bawdiest stories. He owned and operated a marginal automobile agency. He was difficult to work for.

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