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An Introduction To Sindhi Literature by Ghulam Ali Allana

By Ghulam Ali Allana

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0 y:;- �. ) ) .. J ( _) ) D u ring the same peri o d, the name of Akh u n d Azizul lah (1 7 46- 1 824 AD) of M atiari is als o worth mention i n g . H e translated the H oly Quran i nto S i n d h i prose. The construction of the sen­ tences he has used i n his S i n d h i prose is based on that of the original Arabic text which is termed as ,>� �� (The S i n d h i p rose style used by M u l las in Madrasahs) . _,.. '-? \ " wG � �, � t?. · er. i:J. �I I� � I � . � I ,_; � 3 \ · er. \ ,,G. ;.

37 lucid ity, rhyt h m and versification . They use very s i m p le and sweet s i m i l ies, metaphors and other figures of speech , commonly u nder­ stood by every class of paople. M ost of them are famous for their social istic ideas and thinking. J oyo, Khaki J oyo , Parvano Bhatt i , Fatah M a l i k , N afees Shaikh , Sarvech Sujawal i , Anwar P i rzada, Ustad B ukhari , Moham­ m ad Khan M aj i d i ,Saroopchand ' S h ad ' and many·others. They are a l l known as p rog ressive poets . Besides the male poets , many female poets of both these schools are very wel l known .

268 3_ I b i d . 253-268. 4 Khc ;o l\l a b i B u x , 'Modem Sindhi poetry ', an a rti c l e p u b l i s l1 ed in Souven i r , i s s u e d 0 11 t h e eve of S e m i n a r i n contribution of F i c t i o n a n d Poetry i n Modern S i n d h i Literat u r e . 34 " Qa�ch Beg was a good craftsm a n , capable t o app ly every rhetorical device to h i s verses, an d s i n cere i n h i s attempt to e n rich h i s beloved S i n d h i w i t h as many forms a s poss i b l e " . POST I N D E P E N D E N C E LITERATU R E J ust after the partition of I n d ia and creation of Pakistan , a new country for the M u s l i m s ot the s u b-conti nent i n 1 94 7 , a considerable n u m ber of H i n d u poets and p rose writers m i g rated to I nd i a, and thus a vac u m was created for sometime.

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