Alchemy in Europe: A Guide to Research by Claudia Kren

By Claudia Kren

This accomplished annotated bibliography, first released in 1990, courses the consumer helpfully via the place to discover details on quite a few components on alchemy while discovering. Divided into different types to help discovering the suitable niche, this publication varieties a distinct reference tool.

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Alchemy in Europe: A Guide to Research

This accomplished annotated bibliography, first released in 1990, courses the person helpfully via the place to discover info on a variety of components on alchemy while learning. Divided into different types to assist discovering the correct niche, this publication kinds a distinct reference software.

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164. Crisciani, Chiara. " Medioevo, 2 (1976), 119-168. Argues that reactions to alchemy found in Islam were reflected in the Latin West with the transmission of Arabic materials. However, western alchemy also displayed a character of its own as revealed in several works in the question genre. Medieval Alchemy 165. 35 Crisciani, Chiara, and Claude Gagnon. Alchimie et philosophie au moyen age: Perspectives et problemes. Montreal: L'Aurore, 1980. Pp. 83. Argues that a more sophisticated interpretation of the alchemical literature and of medieval alchemy's doctrines would reveal that the presumed gulf between scholastic philosophy and alchemy may be over-emphasized.

Translated from Latin by Leonce Bonysson. Paris: La Haute Science, 1953. Pp. 175. A translation of the 1563 edition. 204. Morienus. A Testament ofAlchemy, Being the Revelations of Morienus . to KhaUd ibn Yazid. Edited and translated by Lee Stavenhagen. Hanover: University Press of New England, 1974. Pp. viii + 76. Presents the thirteenth-century Latin version of the Testament with a discussion of the MS tradition. Morienus purportedly introduced alchemy to Islam. See item 239. 205. Newman, William.

Newman, William. " Isis, 80 (1989), 423-445. Argues that despite the secondary position allotted to the mechanic arts in the context of medieval scholasticism, alchemists of the late Middle Ages had to develop a defense of technology which stressed man's power over nature. Alchemy in the late medieval period met with growing hostility, especially from religious authorities. 209. H. " Revista de filologia espanola, 16 (1929), 161-168. Discusses the fortunes of alchemy in medieval Spain and points out the allusions to alchemy in the Lapidario.

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