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Advanced Fixture Design for FMS by A.Y.C. Nee, K. Whybrew, A. Senthil kumar

By A.Y.C. Nee, K. Whybrew, A. Senthil kumar

Fixtures are the most important to new production suggestions and principally dictate the extent of suppleness a producing procedure can in achieving. Advanced Fixture layout for FMS offers a scientific foundation for the choice and layout of fixturing structures. It supplies a evaluate of the present cutting-edge of versatile and reconfigurable fixturing structures. contemporary advancements in layout method utilizing CAD are analysed extensive. Fixture layout is noticeable as an inseparable a part of method making plans. the first target of a fixture approach is to make sure that the half being synthetic could be made constantly in the tolerance laid out in the layout. a brand new approach to tolerance research is used to examine the suitability of position surfaces and the series of operations and is defined in detail.

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The reason for this is that if any swarf should adhere to any of the four locators locating the horizontal surface of the workpiece a human operator will be able to detect this by rocking the workpiece on the locators. This departure from good geometric control should not apply to automatic loading of fIXtures. In applying guidelines the designer will frequently find that one guideline will conflict with or contradict another. To resolve such conflicts the design context and the relative importance of every outcome must be understood.

Good dimensional control exists when there are no tolerance stacks and when workpiece variation and irregularities do not interfere with the correct location of the workpiece. ) Axiom 7 To prevent tolerance stacks locators must be placed on one of the two surfaces which are related by the dimension on the workpiece drawing. Axiom 8 When two surfaces are related by a geometric tolerance of parallelism or perpendicularity. the reference surface must be located by three locators. 14. As can be seen, the set of three locators is not on the largest surface.

Fixture Design Fundamentals 19 Each of the fixture design outcomes will be considered individually together with the factors that influence the design outcomes. 1 Fixture Plan The fixture plan establishes the basic fixture concepts. The following outputs are included in the fixture plan: • cost analysis A cost analysis is required to determine the basic fixture configuration that is economically justifiable. This is influenced by: • • • • • • • estimates of manufacturing costs with different levels of automation, labour and machining costs; estimates of fixture costs; manufacturing methods; target batch size and annual production numbers; fixture type and complexity; number of fixtures.

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