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Acupuncture Therapy for Neurological Diseases: A by Ying Xia, Xiaoding Cao, Gencheng Wu, Jieshi Cheng

By Ying Xia, Xiaoding Cao, Gencheng Wu, Jieshi Cheng

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2008; Lietz et al. 2008; Li, et al. 2008). For example, Li et al (2008), using fMRI, observed the CNS activation by acupuncture of the acupoints LR-3 (Taichong) and LR-6 (Zhongdu), which belong to the Liver meridian of Foot-Jueyin; ST-36 (Zusanli) and ST-43 (Xiangu), which belong to the Stomach meridian of Foot-Yangming; and the two nearby sham acupoints. In contrast to the CNS activation by sham acupoints, all the four real acupoints under consideration produced a common effect of the activation of two specific areas of the brain: the bilateral primary somatosensory area and the ipsilateral cerebellum.

The names of 409 acupoints in the fourteen meridians and the extra acupoints were standardized by the State Supervision Bureau of Technology of China and WHO. Each acupoint has its own size and depth at different locations. A large number of acupoints can be allocated to the point categories with reference to their semantic origin, functional significance, localization, and the links between the separate categories. Furthermore, based on the meridians, these acupoints can be classified into points of the fourteen meridians, extra points, and Ashi points (Qiu and Chen 1992; Zhao and Li 2002; Li 2003).

In the hypodermis, the connective tissue fibers circling the puncturing pore demonstrated a whirly form. Furthermore, in the muscle layer, the connective tissue fibers of the endomysium circled the pore, and the relative muscle fibers were twisted and dislocated. The adjacent vessels and nerves were dislocated and transformed. Hence, the authors regarded that the various needling-sensitive tissues and structures were simultaneously stimulated by the twirling needle force, with the connective tissue acting as a mediator, which might be the possible biological basis of needling sensation and its complexity.

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