A Woman's Pleasure Trip in Somaliland by Frances Swayne

By Frances Swayne

This old publication could have quite a few typos and lacking textual content. buyers can frequently obtain a loose scanned replica of the unique booklet (without typos) from the writer. now not listed. now not illustrated. 1907 variation. Excerpt: ...These shrubs sometimes develop jointly, and it's very curious to notice how, with unerring intuition, the animals will greedily feed upon the single and steer clear of the opposite. Ergin usually gives covert for lions, yet to my nice sadness I by no means observed any of those noble beasts. there's not anything Somalis like quite a bit as to be relocating on, or hate greater than staying quietly in a single position, therefore they weren't in the slightest degree placed out through having to take down all of the tents and pitch them afresh 5 miles additional on; the one distinction they made, was once to ship at the mules with the entire eatables, etc., first, in order that after we arrived our dinner was once prepared, and whereas we have been eating our tents have been pitched and organized. This spot used to be the one campingground i used to be at, the place there has been no water; after all the nien knew this truth previously, and organized for it through taking a number of camels specifically to hold the water tins containing water for our use, and for cooking reasons; yet we have been the one residing creatures supplied for, no different guy or beast had a drop, and so far as shall we see, it made no distinction to their convenience. One guy to whom I spoke acknowledged, “ We drank the day prior to this, and shall drink the next day to come; lots of water to-morrow, it’s all right.” As Abdulla was once a lot hired on the Sheikh camp, and had such a lot of issues to appear after, we took for our head guy this time Adan Yusuf, who had, twenty-one years ahead of, been head guy to Colonel S--, R.E., brother to the Commissioner, and had when you consider that then followed him with the Rodd challenge to Abyssinia and different exploring events. He got here up after dinner to obtain his orders for the next day to come, after which inquired so much relatively of me approximately Colonel S, and enlarged upon his prowess as a sportsman....

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This is a smart record. The affair passed off satisfactorily. The Dervishes sold all their skins at Berbera, stayed there a fortnight or so, bought their stores of tobes and other things for disposal in their own country, marched back, escorted by another company of militia to the frontier, where they received back their own arms. As commerce, all the world over, is the surest guarantee of peace, let us hope t h a t this will show Abdulla Mohammed (the so-called " Mad " Mulla) t h a t peace pays better than war ; and t h a t for the future, in Somaliland.

45 Φ A W o m a n ' s Pleasure Trip as I admired them, I knew they had other work to do, so I said the wreath must be sewn to the walls of the tent. The only packing needle available was far too small to carry our string, but the Somali has plenty of savoir faire, and in a few minutes one of the men brought me a capital needle exactly the right size, which the Tomals (the metal workers) had made while I was waiting. They usually make the tools for any work upon which they happen to be engaged, and these are often wonderfully well adapted for the purpose for which they are to be used.

He passed us on his way down to Berbera, and took our letters, thus saving a week. gorge the view, which thus came suddenly upon us, astonished me with its beauty. Now for the first time we coulcf see the well-known Golis range, with its varied peaks and many picturesque spurs, well wooded in places, and looking quite misty and mysterious in the evening light. In the middle distance was a plain more or less broken up with ravines, the work of many waters in the rainy season, and diversified at intervals by beautiful conical hills of fine shape standing quite alone, of which the highest, called Demolewein, is also the most beautiful.

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