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A Sociology of Japanese Youth: From Returnees to NEETs

Over the last thirty years, while Japan has produced a various set of minor cultures that have had an incredible effect on pop culture around the globe, it has additionally built a succession of adlescent difficulties that have ended in significant issues in the kingdom itself. Drawing on certain empirical fieldwork, the authors of this quantity set those concerns in a truly articulated ‘social constructionist’ framework, and placed forth a sociology of eastern formative years difficulties which argues that there's a yes predictability in regards to the approach within which those difficulties are found, outlined and dealt with.

The chapters comprise case experiences masking concerns such as:
• Returnee little ones (kikokushijo)
• Compensated courting (enjo kōsai)
• Corporal punishment (taibatsu)
• Bullying (ijime)
• baby abuse (jidō gyakutai)
• The withdrawn adolescence (hikikomori) and
• NEETs (not in schooling, employment or training)

By studying those numerous social difficulties jointly, A Sociology of jap formative years explains why specific adolescence difficulties seemed once they did and what classes they could supply for the examine of teenybopper difficulties in different societies.

This publication should be of big curiosity to scholars and students of eastern society and tradition, the sociology of Japan, jap anthropology and the comparative sociology of juvenile studies.

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Another key actor involved in the production and consumption of the otaku concept was the contemporary artist Murakami Takashi. Born in 1962, Murakami attended the Tokyo University of the Arts, where he was the first person to obtain a doctorate in Japanese art. Later, during his residency in New York, Murakami began to investigate the nature of ‘Japaneseness’ in his art, and began to use anime and manga as a medium for this expression. He began to represent otaku culture as ‘Japanese art’ abroad and re-imported this revamped view of otaku into Japan.

It is therefore useful to consider youth problems as powerful ‘agenda-setting’ processes. The case study on NEETs in this volume may offer the most pertinent and straightforward example of this dimension, highlighting how influential pundits in academia frequently worked together with interested bureaucrats to manufacture the necessary momentum for youth policy changes that they deemed desirable. Perhaps less recognized are the longer-term, historical trajectories of socially constructed youth problems.

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