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A House for Mr. Biswas by Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul

By Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul

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I. Title: House for Mister Biswas. II. Title. 1 Contents Cover About the Author Other Books by This Author Title Page Copyright Prologue PART ONE 1. Pastoral 2. Before the Tulsis 3. The Tulsis 4. The Chase 5. Green Vale 6. A Departure PART TWO 1. ‘Amazing Scenes’ 2. The New Régime 3. The Shorthills Adventure 4. Among the Readers and Learners 5. The Void 6. The Revolution 7. The House Epilogue Prologue TEN WEEKS before he died, Mr Mohun Biswas, a journalist of Sikkim Street, St James, Port of Spain, was sacked.

Mr Biswas had built two houses of his own and spent much time looking at houses. Yet he was inexperienced. The houses he had built had been crude wooden things in the country, not much better than huts. And during his search for a house he had always assumed new and modern concrete houses, bright with paint, to be beyond him; and he had looked at few. So when he was faced with one which was accessible, with a solid, respectable, modern front, he was immediately dazzled. He had never visited the house when the afternoon sun was on it.

But I heard him. ’ Bipti persuaded him to go to work. About an hour or two later, while she was cleaning the rice for the midday meal, she heard shouts from the road and went out to find Raghu lying in an ox-cart, his right leg swathed in bloody bandages. He was groaning, not from pain, but from anger. The man who had brought him refused to help him into the yard: Mr Biswas’s sneeze was too well known. Raghu had to limp in leaning on Bipti’s shoulder. ‘This boy will make us all paupers,’ Raghu said.

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