A Guide to Awareness by Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara

By Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara

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This much alone will bring a happiness without any feeling of suffering and there will be a letting-go and a release within. The Noble Truth of Suffering of the Lord Buddha is not therefore anything to be detested or feared as is sometimes thought. It is something which when realized —or even only examined as to its condition— brings happiness. The Noble Truth of Suffering The truth of nàma-råpa is, conventionally speaking, one of birth as beginning, ageing as middle and death at the end. Consider the origin of the physical body and the mind joining it as the mental group to form this living body which all of us possess.

But because this brings only upset and anxiety, dislike and loathing, it cannot be what is called the Noble Truth of Suffering. The Lord Buddha wished for us to see the Noble Truth of Suffering (Dukkha Ariya Sacca) which on experiencing does not bring hatred, old age, sickness or death. The worldly understanding of suffering brings only loathing, ageing, illness and death, which are all unwished for and unwanted. This certainly is not the Noble Truth of the Lord Buddha which on realization means a going beyond ageing, sickness and death.

The hindrances which then arise can be ejected and the samadhi can be fostered and safeguarded. When an object enters through any of the six sense doors, one just lets it pass on through, without sticking or tying in as a fetter. Whatever is not good can then be gradually abandoned, and the good safeguarded. When this is the case, rapture will arise —a spiritual (niràmisa) rapture without baited hook, and therefore an inner rapture or the enlightenment factor of rapture (pãti-bojjhaïga). The Factors of Enlightenment (Bojjhaïga) When mindfulness is set, watchful and aware, it will steadily become stronger and swift enough to catch up with the mind.

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