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The siren powered up, loud at first but fading as they raced back out through the school gates. I turned to check on Fay, watched her get up out of her chair and float over to the broken window, still wrapped in Dhumavati’s coat. Her face illuminated by a dreamy smile, she plucked a tag of Mooney’s flesh from the icicle tip of the biggest shard. Then she ate it. Lulu came back inside after she’d called Santangelo. We steered Fay toward the library’s glass doors, depositing her at the center of a worn old sofa before sitting down on either side of her.

I heard Dhumavati say, “Shhhh, sweetie, it’s okay. Nothing to be frightened of. ” She wrapped her coat tighter around Fay’s quivering shoulders. “Stay right here,” she said, giving the girl one more quick squeeze before she stood up and started walking up the hallway. Lulu rose from the floor to follow. Mooney’s eyes fluttered open. The first thing he did was check to make sure Fay was all right, then he looked up at me. ” “Of course,” I said. ” “Listen, don’t worry about anything else, just get through all this.

He considered that for a second. indd 29 28/5/08 2:44:08 PM you meant all this deep stuff. Layers and layers, like you said. My family is German. We’re Jewish. They all tried to come over here, but not everyone made it. ” “Sure,” I said. “Before, though, it was always way beyond worry for me. I could hear something on the radio, some song when I got in a taxi—it would seem important. Like code. ” He nodded. ” I asked. “My first month here, I ran away. I spent three days sneaking around the woods in my pajamas with no food.

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