8 Minute Meditation by Davich, Victor N

By Davich, Victor N

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Meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg tells the story of the time she and fellow teacher Joseph Goldstein were seeking a site for what would €"Ientually become the Insight Meditation Society. The two teachers were in the small town of Barre, Massachusetts, checking out a former monastery that was for sale. The place had great potential but needed a lot of worle As Joseph and Sharon headed into town to brainstorm over lunch, they passed a town police car: Sharon looked over at the door of the police 56 8 MINUTE MEDITATION car, which bore Barre's official seal and motto: "Tranquil and Alert:' It was at that moment, Sharon says, that she knew she had found the perfect place for a meditation center: Next time-and eiery time-you sit down in your meditation posture, remember the Barre town motto: Tranquil and Alert.

You I' body becomes increasingly flushed and feverish. You're seething with rage and righteousness! What's going on here? In catch and release terms, you've ''hooked'' a thought that has now triggered a cascade of other thoughts, images, and body sensations. In a split second, your mind has created a drama that permeates every aspect of your being. Now, let's run this scenario again, this time using catch and release, Same image of the jerk in the SUV, Same angry thoughts. But now you realize what's going on, and you say to yourself, Oh, I've hooked onto a thought I'll just release it Which you do, instead of reeling it in, throwing it into your creel, taking it home, scaling, filletting, frying, and eating it, See how much easier-and wonderful-this is?

Meditation is a nonsectarian process of awareness, In fact, you can find a meditative component not just in Buddhism, but in all the great religious traditions, including Christianity and Judaism. Rest assured, the 8 Minute Meditation program is completely nonsectarian. Its only purpose is to help you develop a meditation practice you can use for your lifetime. There are no other agendas, hidden or otherwise. 3. When You Meditate, It's Like You Are Hypnotized. It Sounds Scary. It has been shown that brain-wave pattems in meditation states are different from those generated during sleep or hypnosis.

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